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Chelsea fans are relieved after £32million bid for midfielder is rejected

Ten years ago £32million would have got you three Ruud van Nistelrooys, two Michael Carricks or a team full of Shefki Kuqis.

These days it will get you a 22-year-old Portuguese midfielder with a handful of international caps and not much else.



Chelsea have had a big bid for Valencia midfielder Andre Gomes knocked back, much to the bemusement of the football world.

Gomes impressed during Portugal’s 1-1 draw with Iceland yesterday but the opinion on the Twittersphere is that Chelsea would be massively overpaying if they were to sign the former Benfica player.


Gomes is represented by Jorge Mendes, Jose Mourinho’s best mate, so the feeling is that if Man United want he midfielder they will end up signing him.

So is Chelsea’s bid nothing more than an attempt to ramp up Gomes’ price tag?

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