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Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s favourite food is the ‘worst kind of processed meat’

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is approaching the latter end of his career.

But the Manchester United striker shows no of slowing down.

Despite the fact he’s 35 years old, the former Sweden striker has scored eight goals this campaign in 17 appearances.

And the astonishing reason behind the former PSG star’s resilience has been revealed. 



According to Swedish publication, The Local, Zlatan adores falukorv. 



What on earth is falukorv I hear you ask?

Well, it looks sort of like a saveloy, hails from Swedish city Falun and, by all accounts, tastes disgusting.

A mixture of grated pork, beef and horse is combined with potato starch, onion, salt and spices.

Sounds delicious. 



Speaking to SVT, Zlatan hailed his wife’s cooking, saying: “I like Helena’s food.

“She is a good cook. Macaroni and falukorv is the favourite. We all eat that.”

But the Brits have had their say on the product in the past.

The Local is a English language news network in Sweden and it’s managing editor, once said…

“It’s like the worst kind of fake processed meat.

“It’s not so much the taste but the texture, it has no kind of substance whatsoever. Your teeth just glide through it.”

How long before United offer that to the prawn sandwich brigade?


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