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The Ultimate FIFA 16 v Pro Evo 16 Graphics Battle

FIFA 16 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2016?

You can only choose one. Anyone that has both is living a life of excess and needs to have a long hard look at themselves.

One topic that inevitably gets raised when comparing the two games is graphics. We’ve compiled a series of images for you to judge which franchise has done the better job for 2016.

FIFA on the left, Pro Evo on the right. Let’s have a butcher’s…



First up it’s the Madrid-hating, prank-loving, occasional defender Gerard Pique. Which Gerard would Shakira rather go home to?



Javier Mascherano. Pro Evo have given him a delightful spray tan but have been slightly less kind about his ears.



Two very different approaches to Dani Alves here. While Pro Evo’s version has an unsettling menace about him, it probably shares a closer resemblance to the marauding wing-back.



Neither have pulled any punches when depicting Andres Iniesta’s deserting hairline. We reckon FIFA edge this one given that Pro Evo’s Iniesta looks about a decade too old.



Now we’re talking. Ivan Rakitic’s barnet was always bound to separate the men from the boys. Pro Evo have gone for the blonde bombshell approach while FIFA have been a little more conservative. They look like completely different blokes but which resembles the real Rakitic best?



Who’s this bloke then? Lionel who? Messi? Never heard of him. Once again we’ve got radically different hair colours to contend with. You’ve got to believe of all the players in the world, the designers would have spent the most time on this man.



Hair up or hair down, how do you see Neymar? Once again Pro Evo’s depiction looks a tad old. The Brazilian Prince is only 24. Although you’ve got to say they’ve done an incredible job on the shirts.



Finally we have Luis Suarez, the handsome devil. Neither have opted to include chunks of Chiellini’s shoulder lodged in between the Uruguayan’s teeth which renders them both totally unrealistic.

So there you have it.

Now just hurry up and release the new ones please.