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11 times FIFA p***ed all over Pro Evo

FIFA v Pro Evo is very much the Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo debate of gaming.

But in recent years it’s been all FIFA – though it’s rival came close when the 2016 versions of both games came out.

Despite that, here’s some conclusive proof that it’s got to be FIFA all day long.

1 Real team names, obviously


Who do you want to take to the Champions League final – Chelsea or London FC? Point proven.

2 Better players on the covers


Sorry Mario Gotze, but you’re not even on the same planet as Lionel.

3 FIFA 97 had indoor football.

fifa 97 indoor

Pro Evo had a cheat which turned players into penguins. Not even joking.

4 The gameplay has been more realistic for years.

pro evo graphic


Unless ‘F.Flores’ was the Pro Evo name for Aly Cissokho.

5 Sales figures


Don’t wanna get all Arsene Wenger, but FIFA’s 100million units sold in their series far outsells Pro Evo.

6 FIFA online >> Pro Evo online


The online FIFA community is now so popular you can pay to watch your favourite FIFA players. How mad is that?

7 FIFA Ultimate Team is a revelation


Being able to build your team from nothing to the best in the world may take time but it’s so worth it.

8 It’s made savvy youngsters millionaires


Ever heard about a YouTuber who made their money through playing Pro Evo? Well then.

9 Real stadium names, obviously


Pro Evo are getting more licensed each year – but you’d still rather pick the real Fratton Park over the ‘Rose Park Stadium’.

10 Everyone plays FIFA, end of


Ever met someone in the pub who says they’re ‘more of a Pro Evo kinda guy’? Does that guy even exist?

11 To be fair, we should just be grateful we get the choice these days



Never forget.