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12 things EA need to fix before bringing out FIFA 18

FIFA 17 is a great game, but there are still a few issues affecting the overall experience.

We’ve gone through fan forums, Reddit and conducted our own play-throughs to pull together a list of suggested fixes.

That way, should EA release another patch, they’ll know exactly what areas to target.

Who knows, it could help stop the same issues hampering FIFA 18?

Let’s begin.

Input delay is still really noticeable 

Arguably the biggest issue raised by the community.

It refers to the time between a player inputting a command – as in pressing a button – and the action happening on screen.

In FIFA 17, input delay is really noticeable and causes a frustrating disconnect between the on-screen action and the player.

Penalties still aren’t quite right

The system still hasn’t been fixed and is prone to technical errors – especially from goalkeepers.

EA recently removed the arrow from online games – which is a step in the right direction.


CPU defending is insanely good

Some are complaining the CPU is actually ‘too good’ at the game to encourage offline play.

CPU players block shots too often and get away with dangerous slide tackles.

Goal keepers’ AI

There are hundreds of examples of goalkeeper glitches plaguing matches – and it really needs to get fixed.

In particular, penalties, free kicks and dead balls are areas where they seem to struggle most.

They’re also erratic when coming out of their area, often giving away sloppy fouls or glitching.

General visual glitches

Frostbite is an incredible engine but there are far too many glitches still present in the game.

Ironing them out with a patch, especially ones caused by failures in the player collision system, will definitely go down well with fans.


Inconsistent Referees 

Referees have been coming under fire since launch for showing inconsistent behaviour and a tendency to award penalties for soft fouls.

A patch adding more consistent behaviour would be welcomed.

Shielding’s way too powerful 

The shielding system is great – but some feel it’s overpowered and exploited by newbies.

Allowing ‘strength’ to greater impact shield effectiveness will help add balance to the mechanic.


Goal line technology bloopers 

While this has been welcomed on the whole, there are still lots of times it fails.

Refs sometimes ignore blatantly obvious goals.

Kit clashes

Refs are also called out for wearing a kit that clashes with some player kits.

Putting a system in place that changes refs’ kits in response to the colours the two teams are wearing would definitely help.

Or they could just wear skins?

Menu lag

Some have complained menu lag can be annoying – citing that FIFA 15’s menus are incredibly responsive in comparison.

This should be easily fixed, so hopefully it’ll get sorted.


Nerf the Dab

There’s nothing worse than having to watch an opponent dab after scoring an awful goal.

While celebrations are a huge part of the game, a lot of fans would be happy to see the Dab disappear.


Sort out the over-powered players

Chris Smalling, Jack Butland, Ahmed Musa and Anthony Martial are but a few players who are ridiculously good in FIFA 17.

In fact, they’re a little too good.

Butland puts the likes of Hugo Lloris, David De Gea and Manuel Neuer in the shade, while Musa is lethal in nearly every position.

Maybe it’s time to give them all a gentle downgrade to even the playing field?