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Meet the gamers who can make FIFA 14 look better than FIFA 17

The FIFA series has always been known for its realistic graphics.

But for some people, they’re not realistic enough.

For years, a growing number of the FIFA community have taken it into their own hands to improve EA Sports’ series. And the results are breathtaking.

So good, in fact, that even the older FIFA games can rival FIFA 17.

The below shot, for example, is taken from FIFA 14.


Enter “Modding Way” – a website that lets skilled gamers upload their very own tweaks, or “mods”, to FIFA.

Mods are essentially changes to the game’s original code.

These range from minor upgrades to the graphics – adding more realistic grass, for example – to completely overhauling core game mechanics.

When done well, mods can take the form of complete games.

Skyrim, for example, features a mod called Enderal (below).


This completely transforms the game – adding a different story, thousands of hours’ worth of new dialogue and updated visuals – all developed by the community.

While FIFA’s changes are not as drastic, the community has still managed to create some game-changing tweaks.

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For one, there’s a mod that lets you bring in FIFA 17 faces on to FIFA 14.

Just take a look what it does to Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade Chamberlain.


There’s even a tweak that adds “SweetFX” – which improves the vibrancy of the visuals and adds more detail.

FIFA 15 hasn’t been overlooked either.

The “RealVision” mod adds an HDR-effect to the graphics – improving player skin, crowd details and shadows.


FIFA 16 gets even more granular in its tweaks.

A “PostFX” mod overhauls the rain and light, while there’s even a setting to make the grass more realistic (below).


The downside is a lot of these mods only work on the PC version of the games.

So, surely FIFA 17 mods are on the horizon, too?

Well, here’s the kicker.

For all of the Frostbite Engine’s brilliance, it’s incredibly hard to modify.

Still, there have been a couple of notable additions.

One mod, for example, allows you to see all the player details during the gameplay camera (below).


It’ll be only a matter of time before the community get to grips with Frostbite – and as we’ve seen in Battlefield 1, the engine is capable of some truly breathtaking visuals.

Could a photo-realistic FIFA be here sooner than FIFA 18?