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DREAM TEAM 2016/17: How the new mini-league format works

We’ve been getting a few queries about the new mini-league situation

Fear not, we’re here to help.


This season we are offering two different mini-league formats.

The first (which we’re calling ‘Standard’) works in the traditional sense in that everyone is simply ranked by total season points.


Our second option is Head-to-Head.

Each week you are matched with another Dream Team manager in your league and go up against them one-on-one.

Whoever gets the most points that Game Week picks up three points while the loser gets a big fat zero.

In the event of a draw, you both get one point.

Just like a real football league.

The mini-league then ranks you using your head-to-head points, as opposed to your total points.

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This means that even if you only pick up a handful of 7+ ratings you could still jump up the league dramatically by beating your opponent’s Game Week score.

All you have to do is beat the gaffer in front of you.

The schedule will be available to view once the league goes live on the Game Week you selected.

This will act as a ‘fixture list’ if you will, so you can put the big best friend derbies in your diary.

This format should make for a more competitive league.

Don’t forget you can enforce an entry fee to be paid up front if you and your mates feel like putting your mouth where your mouths are.

Why not give it a go?

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