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Incredible footage has emerged of Luka Modric herding goats as a child

The Croatian midfielder will line up in a World Cup final today and it is a million miles away from his childhood

Just like at Real Madrid, Luka Modric has been dealing with goats throughout his life.

As Croatia prepare to face France in the World Cup final today, we’re sure Modric will spare a moment to remember what life was like before he became the most-talented artist in world football.

Modric grew up in war-torn Croatia and some incredibly revealing footage of his childhood has emerged.

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The closest Henderson got to him all night

Getty - Contributor
The closest Henderson got to him all night

We all knew Real Madrid’s midfield conductor pretty much had the ball on a piece of string as we watched him win three Champions League trophies in a row as the king of the midfield.

But no one expected Luka to drive his country, that with a population of just 4 million – the smallest to make a final in World Cup history – to the greatest showpiece game in the world.

There is a video of Modric as a young boy in Croatia, walking over a mountain shepherding goats, you know, just like he did for several years with Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid.

Modric using his childhood training – never take your eye off the goat

AP:Associated Press
Modric using his childhood training – never take your eye off the goat

The footage shows Modric as a small child, before his home was destroyed by the war in 1990, expertly marshalling a herd of goats through rough mountain terrain.

Using his stick as a wand in his right hand the pack appear to listen to his every word as the move in the exact direction he wishes.

Has there ever been a more perfect metaphor for Modric’s role in a football team? Answers on a postcard.

Skip to 2.30 in this clip to see the young maestro at work.

These days, Modric is a world star having achieved everything possible at the most glamorous club in the world and is getting ready to represent his country in the most important game on the planet.

But when you look at his roots and where it comes from, it speaks volumes about the man’s humility.

Who’s going to be the new goat for him to shepherd at the Bernabeu next season?