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In defence of England fans and their beer-throwing celebrations

Let it rain...

Supporting England in a major tournament is like nothing else.

When club loyalties are repressed and the whole country comes together, the collective anxiety causes an alarming build-up of potentially explosive energy.

And how is this energy released? Through apocalyptic celebrations.

England have made it to the semi-finals of a World Cup.

By now, you would have seen numerous montages and standalone clips of lager raining down upon rabid mosh-pits of bearded blurs clad in retro shirts.

The beer-throwing celebrations have annoyed a few onlookers.

They say it’s pre-meditated, that it’s all for social media.

These accusations imply that those who launch their pints into the air are not actually experiencing true joy in the immediate aftermath of a goal.

The haters believe these fans have an ulterior motive other than celebrating an England goal.

What a load of rubbish.

Brighton beach has produced some incredible photos

Getty Images - Getty
Brighton beach has produced some incredible photos

I myself am not a pint-thrower, merely a pint-spiller.

Once the initial adrenaline dump subsides, I am left holding a near empty plastic cup.

But at times I have certainly felt an impulsive twinge that could have perhaps developed into a full-on launch if the circumstances were right.

The Fun Police want to shame the pint-throwers for enjoying themselves, for surrendering to the joyous chaos of uncontrolled limbs and guttural yelps.

You may never feel compelled to throw a pint in celebration, but that just know this compulsion is capable of overwhelming others.


Getty Images - Getty

Despite the pain of recent times, England fans have once again dared to dream.

This widespread sense of belief requires full abandon, commitment without a safety net.

Such an attitude produces visceral celebrations and a byproduct of that is having to scrub lager stains out of your England ’82 reprint.

The naysayers look down upon the beer-throwers with snobbish contempt, claiming the mob’s actions to be deceptive.

But down in the pit, we know such raw emotion is impossible to fake.

I salute you beer-throwers of England.

Let it rain.