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How did social media react to Frank Lampard’s ‘goal’ in 2010?

Twitter was only four years old when England were beaten by Germany at the 2010 World Cup

It’s unimaginable to think of life without social media nowadays.

Twitter, we either love it, or we hate it… or, sometimes it’s a bit of both.

The site is now a breeding ground for David Ornstein memes and things that “didn’t happen.”

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The Queen’s Honours List is out and Ornsteinnnnn has made the cut

The Queen’s Honours List is out and Ornsteinnnnn has made the cut

So, what did Twitter think of the original thing that “didn’t happen” back at the 2010 World Cup?

Yes, we are talking about ‘that goal’ from England’s round-of-16 defeat to Germany in South Africa.

We all felt the same at this moment

PA:Empics Sport
We all felt the same at this moment

You all know the story, the Three Lions were losing 2-1 to Germany when Frank Lampard’s strike was (somehow) adjudged to have not crossed the goal-line.

Had the goal been rightly awarded, England would have been level at 2-2 and everything was going to be different, right?

Fans in pubs around the country were left engaged at the decision, but, what did the people of Twitter, when the site was just four years old, think of all the controversy?

Prepare yourself for chilling fortune telling and unfunny 2010 banter. 

It’s a tough one to call

Getty Images - Getty
It’s a tough one to call

Remember this awful banter?

We all used to bloody love saying this whilst sipping on our can of ‘Monster’ energy drink, blasting out ‘Club is alive’ by JLS.

LOL jk

Did it suddenly get a bit cold in here?

This genius only went and predicted the bloody future!

Do you reckon you can have a crack at my lottery numbers too, @Sidvee?

It took (a lot) longer than we would have liked… but, Sepp Blatter eventually resigned in 2015.

Let’s face it, this was the moment that effectively finished his career.

Wait, isn’t that one of the twins from Harry Potter?!

Alright, steady on Mike.

To answer your question, you were in 2010 then, now we are in 2018.

You’ll be thrilled to hear, Mike, that this year’s World Cup in Russia will have goal line technology AND VAR, happy now?!

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We’re back with another one of these gems!

I’m not sure what @madeofmoonlight ended up doing for a career.

Surely she can be found headlining the Apollo Theatre now though, right?

LOL jk

Presumably this lad was so torn up by the moment that he’s spent the rest of his life pretending that it never happened?

Maybe he thinks England went onto win the World Cup in 2010, Fabio Capello got a knighthood, and we followed that up by winning the World Cup in 2014?

Matthew Upson is also the player manager of his alternative universe England.

It would be a bold appointment, that’s for sure.

If Gareth Southgate fails in Russia, then James Corden could be a real shout to replace him.

The karaoke nights would be great, no doubt about that.

“Not a great fan of England”, is that right, Diego Maradona?

That’s a real shame! This is the moment that every England fan started to dislike Maradona.

He was doing so well until then.

Sirens? Imagine the state of that.

Thankfully, the advice from @alecko11 was bluntly ignored and we have a nice quiet goal-line technology system in place.

Lovely stuff.

It’s true! Everything would have been different though!

Eight years and counting…

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